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Cardio Exercises


A healthy body is the result of a disciplined lifestyle. A disciplined exercise regime can lead to a healthy body and mind. While, exercises are of many types, one of the most important type is Cardio Exercises.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises:


  1. Cardio Exercises are a very effective way to loose body weight fast. They are also called HIFBE – High Intensity Fat Burning Exercises. One must remember that short interval moderate – high intensity workout can lead to faster burning of calories. This also helps to burn body weight even when you leave gym and come back home.
  2. Cardio Exercises can make your body fit and more agile. It greatly improves your balance, stamina and makes your heart strong.
  3. Cardio Exercises test your body to the limit. It can exhaust you in a very short span of time. It therefore increases your muscle power and improves your metabolism due to enhanced energy and heat production in your body. This in turn again helps a great deal in burning your body fat and helps you loose weight.
  4. A regular exercise routine can help you reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

Best Cardio Exercises to burn off Fat.


There are a variety of Cardio Exercises available in a typical Gym Workout Plan. But the most effective ones are as follows:

Treadmill – This is the most commonly available exercise equipment. You can walk, jog or run at the pace that suits you the best, while increasing the rate and pace overtime. Try increasing the speed or incline for a short time and then go back to normal. Keep switching between high intensity to normal speed and inclination as this will give you the best result. It will help you endure for long without exhausting you fast and will help you burn more fat. As you improve your stamina, the durations can be increased.



Cycling – This is another very effective cardio workout equipment that can be used inside a gym, in a park or on the road. Cycling greatly increases your stamina, strengthens your legs and thighs. It also helps in burning lots of calories and helps in strengthening your heart.



Dancing – We always take dancing as a recreational activity. But, dancing is a great exercise that can be compared to a moderate – high intensity workout and can help you loose body weight while you have all the fun.



Outdoor games – It is of utmost importance that you should pick an outdoor game of your choice and indulge in it. Games help you overcome hypertension, increase your stamina, increase your muscle strength and helps you burn a lot of calories.

Outdoor Game


Crunches – Crunches are a typical ab-building exercise that help a great deal cutting fat from the place of the body where it accumulates the most, ie. Your abdomen. Practicing regular crunches for different durations and in different positions can help you have a beautiful abdomen.



Pushups – They are a complete body workout exercise. It strengthens your arm, chest, back and abdomen muscles. They can be done from anywhere. Try doing multiple sets of push-ups from different angles of inclination to develop an attractive physique.




Plank – This is simple to do but difficult to hold. You simply have to hold this position as long as possible. Believe me, its really tough to do. But the effects are awesome. Planking can really take you stamina and strength to another level.



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