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Ab Exercise – how to get a toned abdomen

Ab exercises

Ab exercise help you get a toned abdomen. Well build abs are an important part of a beautifully build body. As we all know that our abdomen is the part that accumulates most fat and ends up looking the worst part of our body. A potruding belly can spoil the appearence and confidence of any person. Ab exercises, therefore, should form a compulsory part of your workout regime.

Proper exercises and doing them correctly forms a critical component to your overall body health. Same applies for ab exercises as well.

The best ab exercises and the proper way to do them is as follows:


The old and faithful Crunches is a long time favorite ab exercise of all fitness conscious people. It is a very effective exercise for your abdomen muscles. You can do it in different ways to strengthen different parts of abdomen as per your requirement.

Start with doing half crunches and keep increasing the number of repititions. You can then do the exercise under different angles of inclination. You can also do it sideways to cut the fat hanging from the sides of your belly. The amount of movement, the pace of your movement and the number of repititions will determine the amount of calories you are able to burn. Crunches are effective for the first two sets of abdominal muscles.

** People with neck and back pains should avoid doing this exercise. They must do it under proper professional guidance only after taking Doctor’s advice.

Leg Lifts:

This is another ab exercise that can be easily done at your home without the need of any fancy equipment or preparation. Simply lie on your back and put both of your feet or one at a time in air. Then hold your legs in the air for sometime and then bring them slowly down. Do several repititions a day. This ab exercise basically works on your lower abdomen and doing it sideways can help you cut down the fat hanging from the side of your belly.

So, basically this particular exercise can be done from different angles and in different ways to work on different portions of your abdomen. Leg lift is a simple to do yet very effective Ab exercise to get a toned abdomen.


Air Bicycle:

This is a fun to do yet effective ab exercise. SImply lie on your back. Put both your legs in the air and replicate padelling a bicycle. This works on both sets of your abdominal muscles and also tones your thighs and under thighs. As you are also supporting the weight of your legs while making them move in a cyclical fashion, this extracts more effort from your body, thereby burning more calories.

As can be seen from the pictures below, it is a very simple exercise that can be done from anywhere, anytime. You can do some experimentation with the number of repititions, the intensity of your movements and the time taken to complete one full cycle eg. you can make your movements slow, this will make this exercise a combination of cycling and Leg-Lifts thereby increasing its effect on your abs.


Ab twister:

This is an ab exercise where you have to sit on a rotating chair and twist your ab sideways. This will help you loosen your belly fat and eventually help you get rid of it. As you will move constant sideward movements, the fat accumulated at the lower abdominal area and at the side of the abdomen will be continuously in movement. You will have to continue doing this movement over time. As a result, the fat that had settled in your abdomen will start to shake up and loose its grip. This is the time when you have loosened the fat. Now even the simple exercises that you do will have great impact on your abdominal fat.This is a very simple exercise and can be done easily with the things available at your home.

Ab twister Exercise




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